Monday, April 11, 2011

She Knows What She's Talking About (Let's Hope!)

It's pretty cool what one can learn by just listening to children talk among themselves. I've heard deep conversations about God and Heaven during snack time. I've been amazed by conversations at recess. Recently, I over heard an exchange between two students during class that brought a smile to my face. Let me set this up first: Apparently it is "cool" for students to lean back in their chairs during class. I remember doing it in grade school and having a remarkable talent for balancing on two chair legs and sometimes gained the super powers of balancing on (gulp) one chair leg. I also have not so fond memories of flipping backwards in my chair and cracking my head on the old wooden floor. I was that kid who had to sit up front close to the teacher's desk. Go figure!
Okay, on to the story. A couple of my students REALLY are enjoying leaning back in their chairs during class and I've had to remind them on many occasions that is not a very wise choice to make. One day last week as I glanced up from grading some Social Studies tests I spotted one of my students who clearly had the whole leaning back in their chair thing down pat. Before I could say one word I saw another student look at the Leaning Tower of First Grader and softly say, "You know what Ms. Collett says about leaning back in your chair. Stop doing that NOW. Listen to what Ms. Collett says from now on because she seems to know what she's talking about!" The student quietly placed all four legs of their chair on the floor and continued doing their seat work.
It's nice to know that my students have confidence that their teacher really does know what she's talking about.

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  1. Love this, Patty! Can't wait to read more stories from your classroom and basketball court adventures. Kids really are amazing. Grown-ups could really learn a lot from them if they only listen more closely to them!